Meet Poppy // Ever After High


Look a little different then the dolls you’d normally expect? Yep, I’m officially starting my journey into the Ever After High world by getting the twin set Holly & Poppy O’Hair! I’m starting with Poppy, because she’s my absolute favorite. Ah, this is so exciting! Read on for more photos of this beautiful doll.


I’ve never really been a Barbie person. There skinniness and unnaturally long legs always bugged me, and Ever After High dolls are no exception. Still, I love how much detail EAH puts into their dolls and outfits.


I mean, can we all just agree that she has an EPIC ear piercing?


And American Girl Dolls are fun of course, but can you put them in positions like this?


It’s so much fun to experiment with all the different types of possible positions.


Let’s take a look at her outfit. Her dress is like an ombre pink/purple with a pattern of black and white braids. There are also a few silver details. The bodice is black with a thick pink stripe, and the sleeves are pink with a little black criss cross pattern, like long the side of the leggings. Made out of a flimsy fabric, they rip easily, so be careful putting the dress back on.


I think we can all also agree that she has the best boots ever. Like I’m seriously so jealous right now. 😀 They are made out of pink plastic with little black plastic laces. The silver heels are so cool because they have little scissors on them! Surprisingly, the boots are actually really easy to get on and off, same with the leggings. The leggings are out of a synthetic fabric (supposed to look like leather, probably), a sheer part with pink criss crosses cut out on the sides.


Yup, she has purple hair. Well, half purple. It’s cut in a asymmetric bob, so one side (the purple side) is longer than her ginger side. Right out of the box, her hair was full of this disgusting gel, so I boiled some water, stuck her hair into it, waved it around in there for a bit, took it out, let it dry, and voila! Perfect! This trick also helped get the frizz out of Holly’s hair.


This is her ginger side. (I’m so in love with her scissor earrings…literally.)


Poppy also comes with a chunky grey infinity scarf that is made completely out of plastic. Sure, I love the little details like the safety pin and scissors engraved in it, but its just a bit awkward for me. Still, when I took it off, her neck seemed really long and thin. Maybe a necklace would work instead? I can’t wait to make new clothing for her! Anyways, she also has a really adorable black plastic belt.


She’s so edgy and modern, but fun at the same time!


Holly is a hairstylist, so she also has a little black bag with a pink clip, silver scissors, and a purple comb, but I didn’t bring it outside with me, for fear of losing the adorable pieces!


Isn’t she pretty? I really enjoyed taking photos of her. Anyways, sorry I haven’t posted for so long, I’ve had a LOT of homework and tests and stuff this last week, but more posts should be coming soon!

Wait, what was that, Poppy? Did I forget something?


Oh, her ring! How could I forget that? Poppy wants to show you her adorable scissor ring!


Hehe look at those very unnaturally long legs!

Alright then. For the final time, more posts should be coming out next week. I’m going on Outward Bound, but I will schedule some posts for during that time.

What do you think of my new EAH doll, Poppy?




13 thoughts on “Meet Poppy // Ever After High

  1. Awesome photos! Congrats on getting your first EAH dolls! I’ve always loved Holly and Poppy, and your amazing pictures made me love them even more!


  2. Wow, I somehow totally missed this post! She is gorgeous! Agreed about the legs, too. ;D I love her boots so much. 😉 Amazing photography, as always!

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